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  • Conditions of Employment Form Signed by Employer (T2200)

  • Cost of materials & supplies (invoices,receipts, banks statements and credit card statements

  • Meal expenses - it is critical that these expenses be will documented (Date, Who, Why , Contact # , and should match to your appointment diary)

  • Accounting fees for prior year

  • Rental paid

  • Telephone costs

  • Convention & Training fees

  • Bank statements

  • Cheque stubs

  • Uniform & grooming costs

  • Memberships & dues paid

Home Office Documentation Required

  • Sq ft of office area and storage specific to business/ sq ft of house

  • Or number or rooms in house

  • Mortgage Interest (or Rent)

  • Insurance

  • Property Taxes

  • Community Fees & Lake / other fee

  • Utilities

  • Cable & Satellite & Internet (It is always better to have your internet as a separate bill from your telephone)

  • Repairs & Maintenance

  • Upgrading & Major Replacements (Only as it directly relates to your office and storage areas)

Vehicle Expense Documenation

  • CRA will always require a mileage log. Do you best to write your KM's on your gas receipts at each fill up


  • Details Per Vehicle of Vehicle used and driven by 

  • Type of vehicle(car , truck, van, etc.)

  • Make/Model/Year of vehicle

  • Total kilometers driven in year

  • Total kilometers driven in year for work/employment purposes

  • Purchase price

  • Date of purchase

  • Interest paid for year

  • If leased:

  • Lease payments

  • Manufacturer's list price

  • Date lease commenced

  • Gas receipts

  • License  & Drivers Medical Expenses

  • Mileage Chart (ok I know most of you do  not have this but if you do great)

  • Maintenance & Repairs

  • Insurance Registration

  • Parking

  • Car Washes

  • Speeding Tickets are not allowable as an expense - Sorry

Travel Documentation Required

  • Details of purpose of trips if not for specific job/invoices - Please specify purpose of trip s(whether work break, meeting, etc)

  • Airfare receipts

  •  Hotel/Lodging/ meals & entertainment

  •  Laundry/ Dry Cleaning

  •  Car Rental

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