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  • Please note that for USA Rentals taxpayers are required to depreciate the building and its assets(washers, dryers, HVAC etc) regardless of whether the taxpayer wishes to or if there is a loss. A continuous schedule is required.


  • Value of the structure(not land & building)- see your insurance policy

  • Rental income for the year

  • Mortgage interest paid

  • Property tax paid

  • Administration fees paid

  • Motor vehicle expenses (see: Motor Vehicle Expenses)

  • Maintenance costs

  • Advertising costs

  • Legal fees

  • Management fees

  • GST form(if applicable)

  • List of appliances & purchase value(water heater, furnace etc.)

  • Previous years CCA (depreciation of Assets) schedules even if you did not make a claim in teh prior year

Vehicle Expense Documenation

  • CRA will always require a mileage log. Do you best to write your KM's on your gas receipts at each fill up


  • Vehicle Expenses

  • Details Per Vehicle of Vehicle used and driven by (make, model, year, lease/owned/loan)

  • Mileage Chart (ok I know most of you do  not have this but if you do great)

  • Gas

  • Maintenance & repairs

  • Insurance Registration

  • Parking

  • Car Washes

  • Speeding Tickets are not allowable as an expense - Sorry

Travel Documentation Required

  • Details of purpose of trips if not for specific job/invoices - Specify why you traveled to the rental (this does not apply for local rentals - only those located outside of your principal location i.e. Calgary and Surrounding Area  and you travel to your vacation rental in Arizona or Vancouver Island etc.)

  • Airfare receipts

  •  Hotel/Lodging/ meals & entertainment

  •  Laundry/ Dry Cleaning

  •  Car Rental

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