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Our Restaurant Group is made up of industry experts who each been in the industry over 25 years. We offer all of our Business Services with a specific insight to your industry and its complex management.


We understand how prime costs are affected by government, environmental and even customer mood. Prime cost data is critical in your overall success and must be monitored on a daily basis. Knowing your restaurant's prime cost benchmark is the foundation to profitability. This will allow you to make strategic changes on a regular basis that will improve your bottom line. Ask about our Prime Cost App today.


If you are thinking of investing or purchasing a location our pre-purchase evaluation service will provide you with a critical overview of what you are getting for your money, and to forecast what you will really need in the first 24 months our  business plans will start you on the roadway of success. 

We also provide the following services:

funding applications, menu planning , restaurant design and kitchen workflow planning, uniform, menu and media design, to finding managers.

We offer advisory services if you need to tweak your operation or wake it back up in the form of daily on site advisers, weekly overview reviews, cash flow management, AP cheque runs, payroll, tips outs, inventory control and event management. 

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