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General Corporate Information Required

Company Details & Expenses

  • Company name & address details(mailing & physical)

  • Company business number

  • Company GST account number

  • Date of incorporation & corporate year end(month)

  • Incorporation Access #: 

  • Location of minute book

  • Management/Shareholder details

    • Positions(owner/president/director)

    • Personal details(name/address/SIN/contact details)

  • Company contact details(phone/fax/cell phone)

  • Financial statements from previous/current financial year

  • Copy of T2 return from previous year

  • Details of any interests in other registered companies

  • Details of all capital purchases made during the taxation year

  • Details of all capital disposals made during the taxation year

  • Details of all investment gains/losses during the taxation year

  •  Corporate Bank Statements

  •  Corporate Deposit Slips & Books ( we need some manner in which to correlate to your invoices)

  •  Corporate Cheques & Cheque log

  •  Corporate Credit Cards

  •  Personal Bank statements if used for business purposes

  •  Personal credit card statements if used for business purposes

  •  Investments – buy/sell if in corporate name and all documentation from Brokerages

  •  Loan statements or summaries of loans held by the corporation or you on behalf of the corporation

  •  Lease statements or summaries of loans held by the corporation or you on behalf of the corporation (including rent, vehicle, equipment etc)

  •  If you bank with RBC or Scotiabank and pay bills on line please go through two or so monthly bank statements and mark the internet bill payments as to who they were too so we may be able to determine the patterns. Please also save or print the payment confirmation for your files.

  • If you pay by Email Interac through your bank please ensure you keep copies of the payments, either by saving a copy of the payment confirmation or print the confirmation. If the documentation is not easily allocated to a payable invoice CRA takes the position  that those sums are "your" income.

Revenue Documenation Required

  • Copies of all invoices to clients including all unpaid invoices(remember even if you invoice in December and it is not paid we still require it)

  • Details on Per Diem Rates, Living Out Allowances, Vehicle Reimbursement, Equipment Reimbursements etc

  • Rental Income – a breakdown of tenant names and deposits held by your corporation and date of last month rent received if the move or are evicted

  • Details of any investment income owned by the corporation

Expense Documentation Required

  • If you have not saved all your expense receipts please make a decision to always keep your receipts for the next year


  • All receipts for any expenses (office, cell, medical, insurance, travel etc) You can never have enough receipts for us.

  • Sub-contractors – Names, GST #, WCB Clearance certificates, or SIN#, address. Casual Labour must be separated out individually and we need Social Insurance Numbers and addresses

  • Rental property expenses – please spilt out by property if you wish to see property income/revenue summaries

Vehicle Expense Documenation

  • CRA will always require a mileage log. Do you best to write your KM's on your gas receipts at each fill up


  • Vehicle Expenses

  • Details Per Vehicle of Vehicle used and driven by (make, model, year, lease/owned/loan)

  • Mileage Chart (ok I know most of you do  not have this but if you do great)

  • Gas

  • Maintenance & repairs

  • Insurance Registration

  • Parking

  • Car Washes

  • Speeding Tickets are not allowable as an expense - Sorry

Home Office Expense Documentation Required

  • This needs to be based on your actual space used by your desks, but also remember to include as a separate item your storage areas (garage etc) as well 


  • Sq ft of office area and storage specific to business/ sq ft of house

  •  Or number or rooms in house

  •  Mortgage Interest (or Rent)

  •  Insurance

  •  Property Taxes

  •  Community Fees & Lake / other fee

  •  Utilities

  •  Cable & Satellite & Internet ( it is always better to have your Internet billed to your company )

  •  Repairs & Maintenance

  •  Upgrading & Major Replacements (relevant to your office space only)

Travel Documentation Required

  •  If you are reimbursed by your Client for Travel Expenses please provide expense reimbursement documentation


  • Details of purpose of trips if not for specific job/invoices - Specify whom you meet with

  • Airfare receipts

  •  Hotel/Lodging/ meals & entertainment

  •  Laundry/ Dry Cleaning

  •  Car Rental

Donation Documentation Required

Canadian Charitable Organizations Only and with receipts in Corporation Name

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